IT Leadership IT Strategic Alignment KM and Outsourcing Possibilities

Alignment and Outsourcing – Part I

Most companies enter outsourcing agreements without a good process discipline. This situation can lead to escalating costs, poor results, and difficulties managing the relationship. IS managers should know what, when, and how to outsource. They should be aware of the leadership decision-making regarding outsourcing and offshoring.

KM and Outsourcing Possibilities

Knowledge Management and Outsourcing Possibilities: Conflicting Strategies?

Knowledge management (KM) refers to the process of exploring all the capabilities of knowledge resources (Sabherwal & Sabherwal, 2005) or as a combination of knowledge and processes (Regan & O’Connor, 2002). These processes can help a firm improve its performance and effectiveness by employing purposefully designed strategies for creating, identifying, collecting, organizing, and sharing knowledge. […]