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Business-IT Strategic Alignment Models for Complex MNCs

My dear readers,

 I am pleased to inform you that I just completed a research study on Business-IT Strategic Alignment Models for Complex Multinational Corporations (MNCs). The purpose of this positivistic research study was to investigate business-IT alignment in an MNC by examining (a) the role of knowledge management processes in the relationship between contextual factors and alignment, and (b) the role of IT projects in the relationship between alignment and organizational performance and effectiveness.

The objective of this 4-year study was to provide a theoretical and practical perspective of business-IT strategic alignment in the U.N. Secretariat. The sample consisted of 166 IT managers and 97 business managers from 50 offices in the U.N. Secretariat. The study focused on two aspects of strategic IT planning within the U.N. Secretariat: (a) business-IT strategic alignment and (b) IT project planning. This study drew upon the strategic alignment model (SAM) and the typology of MNCs to propose and test an IT strategic alignment model for MNCs (or mSAM) using the U.N. Secretariat as a field study.

A theoretical and practical perspective of business-IT strategic alignment in the U.N. Secretariat is provided. The business-IT strategic alignment implementation model for MNCs (mSAIM) is the model for application proposed as critical recommendations of this research study.

 Please regularly visit my website On the front page of the site, you can read the background of the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, data analysis, main outcomes of the research study, research findings, implications to Leaders in the U.N. Secretariat and in MNCs, and the recommendations for leadership. More materials, such as articles and books, will be available very soon.

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